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Who we help

For someone to receive support from Blind Veterans UK they must have served in the Armed Forces or completed National Service, and be suffering with significant sight loss. It does not matter how or when they lost their sight. Many of the blind veterans we support have lost their sight years after their service, due to age or illness.

See the criteria below to find out if we can help you or someone you know.

You can listen to our eligibility criteria in this audio clip: 

To qualify for support from Blind Veterans UK, people need to meet two criteria:

1 Military service

They need to have served in either:

The UK regular Armed Forces, including the UK reserve Armed Forces or National Service.


As a reservist, they need to have either:

  • completed at least one year's satisfactory service after training (qualified for bounty) or less time if blinded on duty
  • served during WW2 in the Merchant Navy, or in Polish/Indian forces under British command.

2 Sight loss criteria

To meet our ophthalmic criteria an applicant needs to present with visual acuities in both eyes which are equal to (or worse than) 6/60 or counting fingers. With certain ophthalmic conditions where field loss is a factor we request field test results and take these into consideration when determining whether or not an applicant meets our ophthalmic criteria.


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